We’ve invested in companies in sectors such as IoT, Big Data, Cloud, VR, and Fintech. Our driven founders have one thing in common - they all approached us with a vision and a slide deck.



Automates the process of IoT deployment enabling companies to scale IoT solutions in a matter of days, not months. 


A mobile-only platform that allows small business to create and manage mobile applications and websites without the need of a desktop. 


Provides a cloud-based SaaS solution designed to make any website accessible without changing the existing codebase.


Empowers companies that are constrained by the inflexible and low-speed nature of their legacy systems, to take advantage of real-time analytics and big data.


Enables efficient streaming of VR, AR, and 360 video content by using data and behavioral analytics to significantly reduce the bandwidth.


Sixdof Space is a light-based optical sensor and algorithm that can accurately determine location and positioning at ultra high speeds.