Axonize provides all the needed functionality of an IoT backend for industrial applications, out-of-the-box and as a self-service. Using Axonize, IoT solution providers and systems integrators eliminate the effort and costs required to re-develop the backend component for every new customer and application.




Seemba (formerly Snapp Builder) allows business owners to develop, manage and publish apps from their personal smartphone, with no need of a PC, and leverage 3rd party tools to acquire and engage with local customers. Seemba makes it easy to bring your business online and to create powerful and professional mobile apps and mobile websites, with no coding experience needed.





User1st provides a cloud-based service designed for accessibility professionals and developers to make any website accessible without changing the existing codebase. User1st's solution has been chosen by more than 100 customers including Intel, Ikea, Visa, and Carlsberg.





Texel (fromerly Strigy) is developing core technologies to enable streaming for VR, AR, and 360 video applications and content. Texel's technology helps understand how users behave and interact with your content.




DBS-H works with banks, insurance companies, and other enterprises who want to take advantage of real-time analytics and big data, but are constrained by the inflexible and low-speed nature of their legacy systems. DBS-H tightly integrates these SQL-based systems with new NoSQL applications by streaming the data as soon as it is created or updated.